The Edgo Atrium has been awarded a Gold Green Building Certificate by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).The Gold Certification is an exceptional achievement making the Edgo Atrium the only certified building in the new Amman Downtown – Al Abdali. LEED is one of the most popular international programs used across the globe to measure the environmental friendliness of buildings.
The LEED Gold Certificate for The Edgo Atrium was achieved, in line with Edgo’s core vision and values, by implementing effective strategies in design, construction and management to ensure the Edgo Atrium met high standards for reducing natural resource consumption and created a good working environment for staff.
The Edgo Atrium is one of only four buildings in Jordan to receive the certification. Edgo will ensure that the Green Building concepts will be adopted in all its future real estate developments.?

For more information on LEED Certification, please visit usgbc.org