The Edgo Team Visit Al Zahra’a Center on International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, a team from Edgo visited the Al Zahra Center for the Elderly in Amman to give out gifts and spend time with the female residents. The visit to the Al Zahra’a Center, which provides support and care for seniors who are most in need, was organized as part of

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Baynouna Move into The Edgo Atrium

The Edgo Atrium Building is delighted to welcome Baynouna as a tenant to the landmark, green building. Baynouna Solar Company was established in 2016 to support the Jordanian government’s pledge to build an environmentally sustainable means of energy production in Jordan, creating new revenue streams for generations to come.  Baynouna will move into The

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شركة إدجو تطلق حملة شهر أكتوبر الوردي

شركة إدجو (Edgo) تطلق حملة شهر أكتوبر الوردي | رؤيا الإخباري ( أطلقت شركة إدجو وجمعية مطوري العبدلي بالتعاون مع مؤسسة الحسين للسرطان والبرنامج الأردني لسرطان الثدي الحملة التوعوية بمناسبة شهر اكتوبر الوردي بمشاركة أكثر من 35 شركة عاملة في القطاع الخاص في الأردن الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة إدجو السيد عمر منيب المصري أكد أن

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Abdali Turns Pink as Walkers Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer

Hundreds of walkers will be setting off tomorrow morning from the Edgo Atrium to raise awareness of breast cancer. The ‘Pink Walk’ starts at 10am outside the Edgo Atrium and will cover a one kilometer route around Abdali. The team at the Edgo Atrium, in collaboration with the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and the

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First Health Awareness Event Takes Place at The Edgo Atrium

The Edgo Atrium was delighted to host the first in a series of health awareness events earlier this month. The free event, which was open to all tenants at the Edgo Atrium and members of the Abdali Developers Association, looked at how to create a healthy working environment, through the right eating habits and

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