Over one hundred people enjoyed sunshine and stunning views on Sunday 8 October at the launch of the Edgo Atrium’s new SkyGarden.The SkyGarden has been designed as a sanctuary for workers and guests at the property in Amman’s Abdali district. Landscaped with lush plants and foliage, it offers plenty of quiet places to enjoy fresh air and green space during the working day.
Among those who attended the event were the Chairman of Al Abdali Investments, the company set up to establish the new downtown Abdali district of Amman, HE Mr Aqel Biltaji and its CEO, Omar Agha. Other guests included current and potential tenants of the building and many of the Edgo team.

Fully equipped with catering facilities, including a BBQ and plenty of comfortable, contemporary furniture, the SkyGarden builds on the ethos of The Edgo Atrium; a sustainable building which uses the latest green technology to create a healthy and productive working environment for its occupants. The new open-air terrace and garden will give tenants the opportunity to take an all important break from their screens, whilst stocking up on vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, known to protect against a host of diseases.

Tenants wishing to bring their laptops to the SkyGarden to do some work will now have an opportunity to tap into their respective WiFi network. 

The SkyGarden will be open to all tenants of the building, including staff at Cairo Amman Bank, who have recently signed a long term lease agreement at The Edgo Atrium.