Edgo has teamed up with BE Environmental Services to improve recycling at The Edgo Atrium (EAB).

From now on, the tenants, clients and employees at the EAB can use bins provided by BE Environmental Services to dispose of their recyclable material. This includes plastics, such as wrappings, bags and containers, aluminium and metal, such as soda cans and all types of paper and carton, as well as toxic material like ink cartridges, light bulbs, used filters and aerosol cans.

BE Environmental Services, based in Jordan, is a social entrepreneurial venture to reduce the impact of waste in the environment through responsible waste management and recycling whilst maximising the resource value and growing the local economy by providing jobs and creating business opportunities. For more info (www.be.jo)The EAB is a LEED Gold certified building, one of the highest ratings given for green buildings, and was also awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Jordan Green Building Council.