As part of its investment in the wellbeing of its employees, the Edgo Atrium has installed an art wall featuring inspiring and positive images to promote wellbeing. The wall is located in a prominent position in the green building’s car park and features captivating images of a bear, a butterfly, and a lion, to inspire employees and help them to adopt a positive mindset. 

Each image was carefully selected for its symbolism with the bear representing strength and wisdom, encouraging employees to reach their full potential and awaken their consciousness. The butterfly was chosen for its transformative quality, symbolizing rebirth, hope, and trust in progress and evolution. As the king of the jungle, the lion represents power and leadership, as well as the idea of community and loyalty. 

Research shows that artwork in corporate buildings can have a positive, enriching effect on employees’ work experiences, with studies showing that employees who see interesting images in their place of work feel happier and healthier and are, in turn, more efficient and productive. 

The Edgo Atrium Building is a landmark building in the heart of Abdali and one of the few buildings in Amman with a LEED Gold certification for its environmental sustainability. With seamless tenant security, including a facial recognition entry system and license plate recognition system in the four floors of car parking, the Edgo Atrium offers seven floors of office and commercial space as well as the SkyGarden, an extensive roof terrace that is fully furnished and equipped with BBQ facilities.