Edgo was delighted to be able to host its annual BBQ at its reopened SkyGarden in July. The event was well attended by the tenants of The Edgo Atrium and some external guests, along with the Edgo team. Attendees enjoyed a tasty BBQ lunch and live station Knafeh sweets, while socializing and taking in the panoramic views from the roof terrace.

Fully equipped with catering facilities and plenty of comfortable, contemporary furniture, the SkyGarden builds on the ethos of The Edgo Atrium; a sustainable building that uses the latest green technology to create a healthy and productive working environment for its occupants. As well as a space for entertaining, the open-air terrace and garden give tenants the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and take a break from their screens, whilst stocking up on vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, known to protect against a host of diseases.